Black Raisin Water: Blood purifier for Healthy Skin, Hair and Body

Black Raisin Water: Blood purifier for Healthy Skin, Hair and Body

Raisins. Sweet delicious black raisins. We all have had our fair share of raisin cookies, raisin bread, or just raw raisins. Some of us even use them in our cooking. We just love them! Well, you will be surprised to know that your favorite fruit is a very good natural blood purifier. It can also improve your hemoglobin level. There are many benefits of black raisins for healthy skin, hair, and body. To get maximum benefits out of black raisins, you need to use them in an Ayurvedic way.

First, lets look at the Benefits of Black Raisins:

1. Purifies Blood

Being an excellent source of natural antioxidants, they accelerate the functions of our liver and kidney. They also eliminate damaging free radicals from our body and detoxify it completely. All these are helpful for getting a clean and clear skin.

2. Improves Hemoglobin Level

The iron content of black raisin is known to be much more than several other iron-rich fruits and vegetables. It means, if you make eating black raisins a habit, you can easily meet the recommended daily intake of dietary iron and keep Anemia at bay.

3. Stay Away From Premature Aging

Black raisins are high in antioxidants as well as essential Phytochemicals. Both these compounds are capable of protecting our skin cells from potential damage caused by long-term exposure to the sun, excessive pollution, and so on. Antioxidant properties combat free radicals. It also improves our immunity and also the elasticity of our muscle fibers gets boosted.

4. Anti Hair-loss

These small yet powerful fruits are full of iron, which is a vital and essential nutrient for our body. Iron helps in maintaining our circulatory system healthy. A sound circulatory system is essential for maintaining the blood circulation throughout the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles, and preventing hair fall. Along with iron it is also rich source of vitamin C that facilitates the fast absorption of the minerals and provides proper nourishment to the hair.

5. Regulates Blood Pressure

Raisins are rich in potassium, an effective mineral which can lower the level of sodium in our body considerably. Sodium increases our blood pressure. Add black raisins to your daily intake of fruits to stay away from cardiovascular diseases.

6. Fights Against Bad Cholesterol

Black raisins contain no cholesterol. Researchers have proved that black raisins comprise lots of soluble fiber, which is basically an anti-cholesterol compound. It transfers LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) from our bloodstream to our liver and facilitates its elimination from our body. Polyphenols, the special class of organic antioxidant present in black raisins, also help in bringing the levels of cholesterol down.

7. Good For Bone Health

Besides potassium, black raisins consist of fair amount of calcium. Calcium plays a key role in maintaining the health of our skeletal system. Lack of this mineral can result in severe bone disorders like osteoporosis. However, black raisins can increase the level of calcium in our body and help us against these diseases successfully.

8. Excellent For Digestive System

Raisins contain in it both soluble and insoluble fibers. High fiber foods are excellent for our digestive health. Dry fruits might have more calories than fresh fruits, but they also have a higher amount of fiber. For example, one cup of grapes has one gram of fiber while one cup of raisins has seven grams of fiber. By adding raisins to your snacks and meals, you instantly up the fiber content of your food quickly and easily.

Ayurvedic benefits black raisin water healthy skin hair body

Have you ever heard about Raisin-Water?

Raisin water is an excellent addition to your diet, especially for promoting good liver health which leads to purification/detoxification of the blood stream. In Ayurveda, raisins are known to be very healing. Especially black raisins. Raisin soaked water has special benefits. Raisins are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, but those benefits are increased tremendously if you drink the water that they are soaked in. This is because very less sugar content of the raisins is released in the soaked water, but most of the vitamins and minerals get released in the water. This soaking method acts as an excellent medicinal remedy for our liver.

How to make Raisin Water?

– Buy some Good Quality Organic Black Raisins.

-If your local store does not have any, check out these options from Good Quality Black Raisins.

– Take 1 to 2 tablespoon of black raisins.

– Wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt.

– Soak them in 1 cup of water overnight.

– Next morning, strain the water out of raisins with a strainer. Slightly crush the raisins with your clean fingers to extract the juice completely and drink this water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

– That’s it. Trust me, this black raisin water tastes soo good! 🙂

– You can also eat the strained raisins if you want to or use them in other food.

– You might also like our Digestive Ayurvedic Black Raisin Mocktail Recipe With Benefits Of Ingredients used.

The American Dietetic Association lists raisins among ‘the perfect snack. Foods that provide energy and also help meet nutritional needs. Along with raisin water, you can include black raisins in your diet in many ways. Although the nutritional value of the raisins is very high, one should consume them in moderation.

See if you can find some good quality Black Raisins in your local grocery store. also has a wide range of Black Raisins. Following are some good quality options I found on Amazon, check them out:

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Ayurvedic benefits black raisin soaked water healthy skin hair body

23 thoughts on “Black Raisin Water: Blood purifier for Healthy Skin, Hair and Body

  1. Hi Madhavi,

    Excellent article on raisins. Very informative.

    Raisins can also be used as an excellent remedy for constipation. Taking on empty stomach 5-10 raisins soaked in water the previous night will help in better, easy evacuation.

    Good work. Kudos!

  2. Thanks for such an informative post. I tend to avoid raisins thinking they are bad for my teeth! I never would have imagined that they had so many health benefits.

    1. Hello Sultan, Good quality organic black raisins will be beneficial for your wife.
      High potassium fruits and vegetables prevent both kidney stones from forming as well as prevent them from recurring. Raisins are rich in potassium and consuming them regularly will help to prevent kidney stones. Remember that you should always consume raisins in moderation.

    1. Hello, No black raisins won’t increase the triglycerides level. Black raisins contain no cholesterol. Rather, it helps curb the adverse effects of Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) or so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol.

  3. Hi, Is it OK to eat raw black raisin? And you mentioned that we should consume it in moderation, please suggest what is the normal daily quantity.

    1. Hello Casandra, Thank you for your question. This is a traditional method of making raisin water which I have mentioned here. Ayurveda practitioners also suggest this method for cleansing and blood purification. Our mothers and grandmothers also use the same method. I am not sure about boiling raisins because any heating process destroys the nutritional value of the food. I will do some more research on this and let you know.

  4. Really it’s very useful thank you
    What are the other ways to increase hp level? as my wife is pregnant 7month please let me know……

  5. How often should one drink this? I saw on YouTube that you should drink it four days in a row once per month. is that correct?

  6. When I was in high school [ early 80s ) a wrestler told me that wrestlers use raisin water to help them drop weight. I tried it for a while and remember feeling that it was working but for some reason I stopped. Supposedly liver toxicity hinders weight loss. I will be trying this again. Thanks

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